How to Install Epoxy Flooring

Is your garage floor old and cracked? It may be time to get yourself a brand new epoxy garage floor. In this video, you will learn how epoxy flooring is installed.

First, the floor must be prepared before the epoxy can be laid down. This involves grinding down the concrete to remove any sealer or imperfections.

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They put sand on the ground to help with this step.

Next, they mix the epoxy. Most store-bought epoxies are 50% water which means that half of it will evaporate. In this instance, they are using 100% solid epoxy. This makes the epoxy thicker. The epoxy is then spread out across the garage floor until it covers the whole surface area. After this, the vinyl chips are scattered until they also cover the whole surface area. These vinyl chips come in so many different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can really personalize the flooring to fit whatever style you want. Any excess chips should be swept off the flooring and discarded. The floor should be uniformly flat.

Lastly, they mix the polyaspartic urethane top coat. This coat goes on top of the layer of vinyl chips to finish the seal. This concludes the video.