How International Movers Work

Moving internationally involves a lot of logistics. There are many things to consider from passports to immigration. Moving all your possessions on your own would be nearly impossible. That is why international movers will help you with this process. In this video, you will learn about how international movers work.

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Once you have selected a reputable international mover, you will need to request a quote. The international moving company will send someone over to your home to conduct a visual survey. You will likely have to pay a deposit of approximately 10% of this quoted cost. The movers will come back on another date to move your items to a warehouse. This is when you will receive the final quote. It should be similar to the original quote.

The movers will wait until a cargo ship has arrived at port. They then transfer all their customers items on a ship to be sent overseas. Cargo ships are used because they are the cheapest option for long-distance shipping. Another shipping company will then take the items off the ship at the destination. They will check them through customs for you. Lastly, they will bring your item right to your new home.