Beginners Guide to Installing New Hard Wood Floors

This YouTube video by Johnny Brooke provides simple steps to install new hardwood floors in your home.

Trim Removal
If you want to replace the trim with something that matches the new floors, then do this first. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure or else you could break the drywall.

Remove the Carpet and Pad
Rather than taking the carpet out in one roll, cut it into smaller pieces.

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This allows for quick removal, especially in the corners where the track strips exist.

When the carpet is removed start on the pad. This is attached by staples, so there might be patches left that require diagonal pliers to remove.

Vapor Barrier
Once the subfloor is clean you can apply the vapor barrier. This is used for real hardwood floors to prevent moisture from seeping into the material.

Remove Flooring from Boxes
Remove the flooring from the boxes. Mix them up so there aren’t any clear color differences during installation. Additionally, give them some time to acclimate to the room’s environment.

Floor Installation
Measure a half-inch from each corner of the room and snap a chalk line. This leaves some room when the wood expands. From there, check if the floor is level. If not, apply asphalt roof shingles under the hardwood to make it even.