Home Depots Guide to Installing a Panel Fence

Panel fences are prefabricated and are available in several styles and materials. If you’ve been thinking about a fence project, you can choose between wood, vinyl, composite, and metal panel fence installation. The standard height for these fences is six to eight inches.

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It is possible to handle the installation as a DIY project. Just follow these simple steps.

First, mark out your fence area with stakes and Mason’s line at about 3 inches off the ground. This level is ideal for wooden fences to prevent rot. Concerning keeping an even distance apart, mark off simultaneous line posts for your panel fence. If there is a need to take a corner, ensure it is at 90 degrees.

When setting the end post, dig at least three times the size of the bars and factor in the need for gravel backfill. This layer drains water away from the poles to prevent rotting. Aim to use rot-resistance wood like cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated pine. Set your end posts, gate posts, and corner posts in concrete to strengthen your panel fence. You may further secure your fence by fastening it to the posts, which is the trendier alternative to nailing them in.