Guide for Mold Remediation

Using a mold removal service may be necessary if you can’t complete the task on your own. You may be able to ask peers or volunteer groups to assist you, or ask a mold removal service for tips and advice. If you are going to be involved in the job, you should remove all objects from the area the mold is suspected in.

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You should also check the outside and foundation of your home to be sure that the environment is safe to work in. Gutting the home of all water damaged materials is the dry out phase, where the moisture levels can be tested using a moisture meter. According to some health standards, if the moisture level in the building is less than 17%, then testing and dealing with mold is safe, otherwise the substance can become harmful. Dressing up in coveralls, goggles, gloves and boots is important for protecting yourself from inhaling or coming in contact with mold. A mold removal service would use sheets to isolate the space, and remove all nails in the walls to start removing mold spores. After the job is done, allowing 48 hours to try is important for the wood framing to be completely dry.