How Can You Determine the Average Cost to Install Vinyl Siding

Taking care of your home includes good quality siding to protect against the elements. Youtube Channel Ply Gem gives viewers insights on the average cost to install vinyl siding as well as what’s needed prior to installation.

The first step is to take accurate measurements of where you want the vinyl siding installed.

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Such surfaces include the walls and gables. Measuring the width of the wall should come first, then the height from the ground up to the gutter or roof.

Measuring the gables can be a bit tricky, but it won’t require a ladder to do so. Simply measure the overall width, and then count the panels leading up to the top. Dormers might also be a factor, and measuring the height and width as well will help.

The final measurement needed is the soffits of the house. To determine the amount of soffit materials required, measure the distance of all the soffits to the fascia board.

There is an estimator spreadsheet available that can determine the total amount of siding materials needed by entering all the measurements.

Lastly, examine any existing issues and the substrate, which can account for the total amount of materials needed.