Three Types of Pool Safety Covers

Do you have an inground pool that you want to make as safe as possible for your children? One of the best safety features you can add to your pool is a pool safety cover. These simple safety tools cover the surface of the water in the pool. The video below covers three of the most common types of pool safety covers.

Mesh covers are lightweight and easy to move.

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They allow sunlight to reach the water beneath them, keeping the pool warm. They also allow rainwater to reach the pool water beneath the cover, preventing pooling on top of the cover. They are practical for many homeowners.

Solid pool safety covers look a lot like tarps used for other purposes. They don’t allow any sunlight to reach the pool water beneath them, so if your pool has an algae problem, a solid cover can help. Since they don’t allow water to pass through them, rainwater can pool on top of them.

Automatic covers are the most expensive pool safety covers. If you have the cash, you can enjoy the benefits of a pool cover without the hassle of pulling it on and off the surface of the water yourself. They are usually automated and include extra safety features like restricted access to non-authorized individuals.