Granite Slabs How Are They Made?

One great option for home improvement and construction projects is natural stone granite slabs. How are they made? Here is a look at the process, from the Inform Tgm YouTube channel.

Quarries are usually in India, Brazil, Italy, and China. America has quarries for construction-grade granite.

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All quarries are places where granite is close to the surface. Granite is moved in large blocks. In order to make a moveable block, holes are drilled into the long granite deposit. Explosives are placed in the holes. Once blasted free, the chunks are transported by heavy lifting equipment onto trucks.

The chunks are transported to stone-cutting businesses. They turn large chunks into smaller slabs. Since the granite is so hard, saws need diamond blades to cut through it. Slabs are then smoothed and polished. Slab polishing machines have diamond pads to do this job. It takes a long time to polish raw granite.

Slabs are sorted into small groups of six or seven that are similar in color and pattern. Slabs are then bundled into shipping containers and sent off by boat around the world to fabricators. Fabricators. or sellers, refine the slabs even further for sale. Then, the final slabs are placed in showrooms for homeowners to buy.