Clean Your Vinyl Flooring This Way, Not That Way

Many homeowners are installing vinyl flooring in their homes. With this, more people are looking for ways to clean their vinyl plank floor without damaging it. The clip “How to clean vinyl plank floor without damaging it #cleaning #flooring# how to” explains how to clean this type of flooring.

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The most popular way to clean your vinyl plank flooring is to use a vacuum cleaner. Still, this can result in damage if you are not careful. When cleaning your vinyl flooring, it is advisable to work in one room at a time. Start by removing all furniture from your flooring. Once you do that, vacuum each area thoroughly. Be sure to clean the floor with a damp rag or mop to remove any dirt clinging to your bottom.

Suppose you have any stubborn areas that are difficult to remove. In this case, spray a little water on the surface of the vinyl planks. Use a soft-bristled brush to loosen any debris on the surface in these areas. Next, spend time underneath your table. By doing this, you can provide adequate suction while vacuuming carpeted areas of your flooring.

During the vinyl flooring cleaning, use a dry mop to remove any remaining moisture. Finally, allow your flooring to air dry overnight before proceeding with standard cleaning practices. Following these steps, you can clean your vinyl flooring without damaging it while removing stubborn stains or spills.