Beautiful Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms tend to be an undervalued part of the house. However, it is just as important to have a nice bathroom as any other room in your house. In this video, you will learn some new ways to spruce up your bathroom. It is time to channel your inner bathroom remodeler.

The first tip is to use fluted tiles. Fluted tiles are a new trend that has emerged recently.

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These small tiles give off a bamboo vibe. They add texture to the walls instead of a smooth and sterile feeling. You can experiment with many different colors. Regardless of the color you choose, fluted tiles will surely upgrade your bathroom.

Another recent trend is the use of green colorations. It makes the bathroom feel more cozy and close to nature. Some common green hues are Khaki, Olive, and Sage. It is time to do away with sterile white. Even if you choose to use another color than green, the trend is shifting towards darker colors. People are also using back for taps, lighting fixtures, racks, and other items. It is a good accent color to whatever other color that you choose.