Quick Methods to Fix a Broken Fence Post

Wooden fences are famous nowadays. You can see a lot of Americans that use this. A wooden fence can provide a new look to your home and add beauty to it. The installation of a fence around your property can be expensive, but the protection and beauty it provides are worth it.

Like other things we have, a fence can also break or lean without prior notice.

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It can be due to a strong wind or because they become worn out over time. If you see that your fence post broke, it is best to do fence repairs immediately.

Here are quick repair tips on how you can do broken fence repairs in less than an hour.

Remove the fence boards.
The first step is carefully removing the fence boards around the post. Carefully remove them and try not to break one.

Separate the fence rails
Fence rails are the horizontal boards that connect to the fence post. Remove the screws and nails. It will allow you to install the metal fence bracket.

Dig down and find the concrete footing
Dig down until you find the concrete footing.

Hammer and install the metal fence bracket.
Insert the tip of the mender into the concrete and hammer it. Attach and secure the bracket.

Re-attach the nails and the fence board.
Next is to re-attach the nails and the fence board. You can screw the nail boards back, and your installation is complete.