Mastering Fence Installation and Fence Posts

Fencing is an important staple in your home’s aesthetic. It provides you privacy, beauty, and it creates an easy visual of your property line. The worst part about a fence is the fence installation. Any product that can make installation a faster or smoother process is a friend to homeowners and contractors alike.

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Let’s talk about a new product that’s on the market that is supposed to make installing posts a lot easier. The point of this product is to use it instead of concrete to cement the post into the ground.

The box says that one bag can set a post and it will dry in about three minutes. Once you mix the bag together, you have about twenty seconds to pour all of the contents of the bag into the hole. It will then expand and set the post in place.

This product was very easy to use and mix. Eventually, it dries to be the same sturdiness as concrete. After a little while, you can come back and see that the post is super stable in the ground. It was clean, fast, and easy. It’s worth the extra money to save the time on this project.