Shingle Vs. Metal Roofing

In this video, you will learn about metal roofs and shingle roofs. The video explains the difference between the two and when is a good time to use each one. Choosing which type of roof you put on your home is an important decision.

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You want to protect what matters most to you in years to come. Also, roofs are a hefty investment, so be sure you consider the options. When discussing durability, shingles can be ripped apart. Metal roofs cant’ be ripped apart like that. Metal wins in the durability contest because it can withstand almost any weather conditions. Next up is longevity. Your climate and overall environment will be the true test to how long a roof will last. Asphalt roofing is estimated to last about 20 years. This number can change based on where you are located and how much wear and tear it receives. Metal roofing is engineered to last 50+ years. It will last, on average, two to three times longer than shingles. How about weight? Metal roofs actually weigh about 50% less than shingles. 100% of the metal panels on a roof are recyclable. Because shingles are asphalt-based, it makes it hard to fully recycle them.