How to Time Your Furnace and AC Replacement Services

There are different opinions regarding the lifespan of a furnace. This video provides comprehensive details to shed more light on this matter and help homeowners establish when to seek AC replacement services. The average furnace lasts for 15 to 30 years.

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However, homeowners can prolong their lifecycle by hiring a certified technician to execute repairs and maintenance annually. However, if the furnace has been functional for 15 years, homeowners should start searching for AC replacement services. To know that the furnace is ready for replacement, a homeowner should watch out for various signs like unusual noise.
Common noises include popping, rattling, screeching, or humming. Suppose there are sudden temperature changes in different rooms within the house. In that case, an individual may consider AC replacement services if there is soot or dust buildup across the home that could indicate that the furnace is generating lots of carbon dioxide. In this case, AC replacement will be inevitable. An efficient furnace generates a clear blue flame to heat the home. If the flames are yellow, that can be because the furnace is generating carbon monoxide or toxic gas leaks requiring immediate repairs. High energy bills can also be a sign that AC replacement is required.