Access Control Basics

This video is to inform viewers about access control. Security is one of the very things we all need in order to not only be safe but to feel safe as well. Whether we are living in a house or apartment, staying at a hotel, or even going to school.

Video Source

Having a system in order to come in and out of buildings is what keeps everyone safe. Access control is a system that is meant to do that. You may have never noticed these systems in place that keep you safe, like a high school having a system that locks the door and only allows people in through an intercom. Or an apartment building that also has a buzzer system so guests can be buzzed in the apartment they are visiting. Having an access control system is important to feel safe.

If you want to know about putting these systems into place or what goes into these systems, it is extremely important to do some research and see how they get put into place. It is important to remember and appreciate how access control systems keep us safe and do what is needed to protect us.