What Is The Cost Of Residential Roof Restoration?

When you’re looking into a residential roof restoration, you need to be aware of sketchy contractors. Unfortunately, there will always be people in the world looking to take advantage of an opportunity. This includes roofing. By cutting corners and saving money when restoring your roof the first time, you’re almost guaranteed to have to get it restored a second time.

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The second time will be much more expensive than if you did it right the first time.

When you’re looking for a contractor, you should check and double-check their licenses and insurance. Not only do those licenses prove that they are capable of the job, but they also protect you if something does go wrong. Without their insurance, you would be financially liable for any repairs that were caused by an uneducated contractor’s mistake.

A proper residential roof restoration will cost you about $3,000. You’re paying for the materials, time, labor, and equipment. This also includes a proper clean-up. By the time the contractor is done, there will be dirt and debris in your gutters and on your property. A reputable contractor won’t leave you with the clean-up. For more details, please watch the provided video.