Tips for Choosing Your Fencing

In this video, you will learn how to choose the best PVC fencing brand for your home. Vinyl fencing is very popular for home fencing because it has low maintenance is very attractive and clean. But how do you know the best brand to choose?
The first step is to know what type of brands and quality of PVC fencing is available. There is a high-end PVC fence brand called Bufftech.

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They make two different types of vinyl fencing: Chesterfield and New Lexington.
Both have bottom steel reinforced rails, but the difference is that the New Lexington is not Miami-Dade rated while the Chesterfield is Miami-Dade rated. If you live in a windy area, Chesterfield is best for you because it can sustain winds of 75 miles an hour and wind gusts of 115 miles an hour. The Chesterfield also has thicker rails and thinner plates, another key difference.
The Chesterfield is also good if you have a very sloped yard because the bottom goes with a sloped yard. This is important for pet owners who want to seal any holes that pets can go through.
Curious to know about other PVC brands and how much they cost per foot? Keep watching to learn more.